Case Study


Helen before
Helen after

Helen responded to my request for case study clients as she was just at the point where she wanted to take her business to the next level. She was working on a new website, about to have some new professional photographs taken and was keen to gain more speaking engagements and also become a key person of influence, so the timing was perfect.

We worked together over a couple of sessions, covering colour analysis, body shape and styling, plus a morning of personal shopping.  It was a pleasure to work with her and she really embraced all my advice.  As a follow-up to our sessions I interviewed her to gain her honest opinion on her experience with me – here’s what she had to say:

What prompted you to respond to my case study request?

“Two things – I’ve lost a lot of weight, so my wardrobe needed to be refreshed.

I wanted to relaunch my image – make more of an impact and become a key person of influence.  Also wanted to refresh my website with new photos, new colours and felt I needed some help with that.

I’m not very tall, so making an impact is quite difficult as I don’t have that physical presence so wanted to make more of a statement and knowing you already I knew that you were just the person to help me.

I needed an external perspective – I thought when I looked in the mirror that I looked fine in what I was wearing, but having seen myself on video, I realised that I wasn’t projecting the right image. ”

How did you feel about your business image at that time?

“I felt that it was professional but it wasn’t professional with a capital P and I felt I needed to make that move to enhance it.  I want the help of an expert to give me some guidance. “

What did you enjoy about the process of us working together?

“I have never had girly friends that sat around and talked about clothes and make-up as having followed a physics degree I tended to spend my time with male students, so I was a little unsure about how to do this sort of thing, so having that input was really helpful.

Learning what suited me, what didn’t suit me and having you demonstrate that to me was really helpful.  Having somebody to hold my hand and encourage me to try things was really exciting.

When I get dressed in my new business clothes, my shoulders go back and I feel different.  It gives me much more confidence and I don’t feel awkward about going into a room feeling that my clothes don’t really fit right. ”

Was there anything you found challenging or uncomfortable?

“No, not really.  I think I was in the right place to accept the advice that you gave me.  Even though I had to throw half my wardrobe away, on the whole I felt that the advice you gave me was right, so even though it was slightly uncomfortable to part with some of these things in reality I’m thinking that, yes, I shouldn’t have bought them, or I’d had them for so long that although they suited me when I was younger, they didn’t any more.

I was thinking of the comment a lady made in the changing rooms when we were shopping together – saying ‘can I have a friend like her to shop with me’, which reassured me that the advice you were giving me was right.

It was quite exciting to go shopping with you, and see how you do it, so now I feel confident that I can do it myself, with the help of your notes and my colour swatch. ”

How did you find the overall experience of us working together?

“Very positive and I would highly recommend others to use your services to help them sort out their wardrobe. It was excellent and a good day out when we went shopping. ”

How do you feel about your business image now?

“My new website has just gone live, which includes some images from the photographic session I had just after we met.  I’m wearing the shirt I bought just after our session (‘after’ photo above) and the banner colours on the website match the colours I’m wearing. I look and feel much happier in the photographs, compared to previous ones when I always felt awkward and self-conscious. When I had the new photos taken I felt much more comfortable in myself, which I feel has come across.

I’m now experimenting with my new business wardrobe when I go out to events and I’m interested to see what impact my new look has. 

Some of the meetings and networking I go to often have a lot of men present, who tend to be quite tall, so if I’m feeling awkward or don’t have that physical presence, it can be difficult to start conversations.  Whereas now, if I go dressed in my new business outfit I feel more like I have a right to be there. ”

Has the experience impacted other areas of your life!

“Yes, it has. I’ve now started to look at the clothes I go sailing in. Most of my sailing clothing was navy and red.  We went to the boat show recently and I bought a polo shirt and a new jacket in colours from my swatch.  I also bought a handbag with lots of colours that suit me and I’m now looking at everything I buy to see whether there is an option in warmer shades. ”

What would you say to someone who is thinking of working with me?

“Trust Judith – she knows what she’s talking about. Even if it sounds a little scary, the results are worth it in the end. I’ve really enjoyed it and I think it has helped me enormously. ”

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