How safe is your sunscreen?

When I was a child (back in the dark ages), we didn’t seem to worry so much about applying sun cream on our skin.  I remember many occasions on family holidays when I would end up getting burnt and sometimes being in rather a lot of pain!  As a red head, I was particularly susceptible … Read more

PRODUCT REVIEW – Tropic Skincare Tamanu Balm

Following on from my earlier review of the Tropic Skincare Smoothing Cleanser, my next product review just had to be this absolutely brilliant little pot – a total skin saviour! I discovered this product when a fellow image consultant and Tropic Skincare Ambassador came to my home to do a pamper party for me and … Read more

PRODUCT REVIEW – Tropic Skincare Smoothing Cleanser

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about this product for some time. Since I have now become a Tropic Skincare Ambassador and am trying out all the rest of the gorgeous products for myself, it’s the perfect time to start a regular review with this hero product from the range. I have been a … Read more