Brighten your day with colour

As we navigate through lockdown #3, we need to find ways to keep our spirits up and bring some brightness to our days.  One way is by adding colour, but not just with the clothes we wear.

Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking about how you can instantly add some colour to your day, plus a couple that need a little more thought.


Even if you don’t wear much, or indeed any make-up each day, adding a little lipstick can really lift you!  Wear your brightest red or something more subtle, whatever works for you.  I’m bound to say that choosing a shade that flatters your natural colouring will work best, but don’t get hung up on that – it’s how it makes you feel that matters right now.

Colourful shoes

Shoe collection

If you’re working from home you’re probably living in your slippers, or perhaps not wearing anything on your feet!  This can really have an impact on the way you work and the way you feel.  Subconsciously you are still in ‘home’ rather than ‘work’ mode.

Wearing shoes will put you in a completely different frame of mind and help you to be more motivated.  Choosing shoes with some colour, rather than neutrals, will also help to lift your mood every time you look down at your feet.  Give it a try and see what difference it makes!


I hope you are getting dressed and therefore wearing underwear, but why not go to your ‘best’ underwear drawer and wear those lovely sets of pretty, colourful, lacy sets you usually keep for best?  Even though no one will see them, except perhaps your partner, or the family pet, just the fact that you are wearing them will give you lift – go on, as a certain advert says ‘you’re worth it’!


I have so many scarves and each of them adds colour and/or texture to what I’m wearing.  Scarves are so versatile, in terms of their sizes, shapes and colours, as well as the many different ways you can tie them.

A scarf can add instant colour to a drab outfit and brighten your face.  They have been a great alternative to the long necklaces I often wear, as they can be seen more easily when I’m on Zoom or Skype calls, adding colour, as well as keeping me warm on chilly days.

Nail Polish

Are you missing regular visits to your local nail bar?  You don’t need to wait until they are back open to get some colour on your nails.  Check your bathroom cabinet for any little bottles that might be lurking there, or pick a couple of colours up from your local chemist, or large supermarket.

They may not last as long as gel nails, or look as professional as when you manicurist does them, but applying some bright polish to your finger nails and toe nails will give you a real lift, and, it won’t cost you a fortune.


If you’re a dramatic personality, you may well have a range of colourful, statement, necklaces, rings, earrings etc., so don’t leave them in your drawer, wear them!  Even if you’re only sitting at your PC, or watching the latest ‘must see’ box set.

Even if your choice of jewellery is more understanded, you may have some colourful pieces that you haven’t worn for months, maybe even years.  Give them an airing and see how it makes you feel.


This one will take a little more planning and will of course depend on whether you need to wear glasses at all. If you do, there a great way to express your personality.

Opticians remain open (mostly by appointment), so, if you need a new prescription, make sure you check out your chosen provider’s range of frames, as well as those now available online.  Instead of choosing rimless or metal frames, why not choose a colourful frame for a change?  There’s plenty of choice out there, but if you need some help or guidance on what will best suit your face shape, colouring etc., I’m always happy to offer some assistance.

Hair colour

Hairdressers are of course also closed at the moment (something I’m starting to struggle with).  Although I don’t colour my hair, I know that many of you do.  Perhaps you have decided to take the opportunity to let nature take it’s course, but others may be finding that ever widening strip down your parting, too much to bear!

There are plenty of DIY options in supermarkets and chemists to help you get through.

My advice would always be to stay as close to your natural colouring as you can, otherwise there will be a noticeable imbalance between your hair and skin tone.  If nature (or your genes) gave you pale skin and you colour your hair a really dark shade, you will look even paler.

As with frames, if you need some advice on hair colours, I’m very happy to help.

Colour is a big passion of mine and I love to help my clients discover the shades and tones that flatter their natural colouring as well as developing a more cohesive wardrobe. If this is something you need help with, why not book a free discovery call to find out more.

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