Individual Consultations

If you’re not ready to book onto a program just yet, or you’re only looking for help with one particular aspect of your image or wardrobe, these individual consultations are the perfect solution.

The following list of consultations include links in the headings to further details:

Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis Consultation £165.00:

Discover the shades that flatter your natural colouring, to help you build a workable wardrobe of clothes and accessories. An investment that will bring rewards far beyond your wardrobe.

Online: – includes a digital swatch, personalised report via email & recording of the consultation.
In-person: – includes a personalised swatch wallet and printed report

Style Analysis / Bodyline Consultation £165.00:

Covering all aspects of body shape, face shape, proportions and scale, to help dress your body in fabrics and styles that truly flatter you.

Online: – includes personalised report via email and recording of the consultation
In-person: includes personalised printed report

Personalised style advice

Shop your Wardrobe

The perfect session if you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear. You will discover why some garments are continually overlooked, while others are worn time and time again, as well as finding new outfits from clothes you already own.

Online – £150.00 (includes a personalised report by email and a recording of the session, as a reminder)
In-person – £75.00 per hr (min. 2 hours)

Capsule Wardrobe Plan

Ideal for workwear, holidays (great for cruising), and many other occasions. A mix and match capsule of up to 12 items, tailored to your needs.

Online only: £150.00 (includes a report, digital links to all suggested garments, and a recording of the session as a reminder, by email)

Personal Shopping

Ideal for that special occasion outfit or as a follow-up to other sessions

Online: £150.00 (includes a report, links to all garments, and a recording of the session as a reminder, by email)
In-person: £75.00 per hr (min 2 hours)

Making an Impact

It takes just 7 seconds to make a first impression, so, especially in business, it’s vital that we make a positive impact. In those 7 seconds, decisions are made on the way we dress, present ourselves, our body language, and much more – it tells others how to treat us.
This consultation will help you hone those skills and ensure you are memorable for all the right reasons.

Online only: £75.00 (approx 1 hr session)

If you’re ready to dig a little deeper, why not consider booking onto a program?
I’m in the process of updating and improving these at present, but please don’t hesitate to ask me about them.
Further details will be available on this website very soon. Watch this space!

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