Making an impact

Presenting a positive first impression is a vital ingredient in helping us stand out from the crowd and get our voices heard.  Understanding how to present ourselves in terms of the way we dress, our body language, and how we align ourselves with our brand values are important skills to help us make a positive impact.

Are you an introvert, who finds it really challenging to strike up conversations with people you barely know?  Perhaps you’re concerned that your natural shyness means you can appear negative or defensive, or you just don’t feel that you come across as professional with a capital P.

This session will help you overcome these and many other concerns, with practical hints and tips to build your confidence and help you move forward with your business or career. Subjects covered could include:

  • Body language
  • Grooming
  • Reflecting brand values in your image
  • Dress code
  • Colour Psychology

After an initial conversation, to establish the areas you have concerns with, the session will be tailored to your specific needs.

£60.00 (1 hour consultation)