Here’s some lovely words from just a few of the clients I’ve worked with. It makes me so happy to know that I have guided and encouraged my clients to build their ideal wardrobe as well as their confidence and self esteem.

I had a lovely colour analysis experience with Judith at U Look Great. I immediately felt at ease discussing any issues I had been having when shopping for clothes. The consultation was very in-depth and I came away with a swatch full of many colours to help me make the most of my eyes, skin tone, and hair colour. I feel more confident moving forward and thank Judith for helping this happen. CJ

I’d like to thank you for our time together earlier this year – it has genuinely changed my wardrobe and I’m now wearing colours (brighter ones!) that I’d never have chosen before.  I feel so much more confident and now use my colour swatches every time I go shopping.  It has made such a huge difference! LG

I recently had a personal shopping session with Judith, which is no mean feat as I hate clothes shopping! Using my colour swatch from my recent colour analysis with Judith, she expertly guided me to the right style of clothes and colours that would be most flattering for me. The experience became really enjoyable as I started to find the clothes that worked best for me. I came away with a new outfit that I love and have had some lovely comments from others. I can’t recommend Judith enough for her patience, understanding, and knowledge of colour and style. If she can help me, she can definitely help you! ❤ AlisonA

The following testimonials are from my recent Wardrobe Challenge, run over a 5-day period on Facebook:

I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge, it’s certainly time well spent that everyone can benefit from.  I can now clearly see what outfits I can make from my single wardrobe.  I have identified gaps in my wardrobe which once I can go shopping will be good to know exactly what I need, in some cases it’s just about the right colour underwear.  Getting dressed is now also a pleasure as my wardrobe is so organised, and whilst there were clothes in there I really liked they didn’t make me look good and or feel nice so I have been ruthless, I know I won’t miss them because looking good and feeling nice is more rewarding.  Judith you are an inspiration thank you. SueM

Judith provided great encouragement throughout the week and although I wasn’t sure I’d manage it, I did and it was a very worthwhile investment of time.  The daily challenges made the overall task less daunting and allowed me to reflect and also be more confident in the wardrobe choices I made, helping me to weed out items and logically organise my clothes and accessories.  I’m really pleased I took part as I now have a wardrobe of clothes that I can see and it has highlighted the gaps which I can look forward to filling when the shops reopen.  Judith, thank you for this week.  I’ve been trying to give myself more time and self-care so this has really spurred me on to put me first a little more. JudeL

I enjoyed every moment of the challenge.  It was so easy to follow and you kept me engaged throughout.  It really made me look at what I had in my wardrobe and finally make it work for me.  I have now become interested in creating a wardrobe that shows my personality.  I have let myself go a little since lockdown and this challenge got me excited to shop again. KellyAJ

In amongst a busy week I found time for me and joined the brilliant personal brand stylist Judith Mercer at U Look Great for a Wardrobe Challenge.  I’m now paired down, organised and connected back with my wardrobe, realising how much had been neglected and sitting unworn during lockdown.  I now have some space, am looking forward to choosing Spring and Summer clothing that will fit in, be worn, suit me and look great…! Thank you Judith  BarbaraAnnR

I’ve fully enjoyed doing the 5 day challenge.  It has certainly made it a lot easier choosing my outfits for the day since I have had a wardrobe clear out & arranging my clothes in order.  SallyF

I really enjoyed the wardrobe challenge, and when I put away some more clothes that I now fit into it was really easy to slot them into the correct places in the wardrobe.

It also inspired me to have a really good clear out of my makeup and skin products too!

I thought it was all very clear, and I liked the fact that the challenges were easier at the beginning of the week and ramped up gradually.

I have cleared out lots more clothes using your questions, and will keep them in mind as I continue to lose weight and move through the sizes. EmmaD

Back in March, having some time during lockdown, I took part in an online Discover your Style challenge which Judith hosted over the course of a week. 

It was fascinating and led to my taking part in an online Colour Analysis, an online Style Consultation, an online Wardrobe Weed-out challenge (again over the course of a week) and most recently a 2 hour one to one Shop your Wardrobe session.

It’s been hugely helpful going through all these sessions, more than I ever thought! Each one builds on the previous ones and has helped me understand my style, preferences and choices.  It’s really got me thinking about my clothes and what works for me.

From a stuffed full, frustrating and confused muddle of unworn items my wardrobe is now a super organised, colour blocked dream to use with easy access to see and pick from the clothes that I love.  I’ve found outfits from the clothes that have been there all along but which were not seen or even found in the previous chaotic crush.

Judith led and guided me through each day of the challenges using fun activities and tasks which built on the day before and ending up with great results – really narrowing down my wardrobe and getting me to think differently about my clothes.

In a nutshell each session is another part of the jigsaw that really pulls everything together.  Judith has been fabulous, her knowledge inspiring and her patience and supportive approach like chatting with a trusted friend.
Sandra – Worcestershire

“Thank you so much Judith! I have learnt so much from my personalised style guide and I’m really looking forward to putting it all into practice! You offer so much guidance and support and I’d certainly recommend your services.”
SK – Enfield

“I can’t think of anybody better equipped and qualified than Judith for having that wonderful combination of gentle persuasion, in-depth knowledge and effortless communication. She managed to get me to clear a substantial amount of stuff out of my wardrobe, despite my initial protestations, and much to my surprise, I found myself with a much more user friendly set of clothes than I started with. Everything works with everything else now! And shopping is a doddle. whether they’ve got my color, shape and size – and if not, it’s straight out and on to the next shop. She’s made my life so much easier. Thanks Judith – you’re a star!” Lynn – Evesham

It was certainly worth the money, if only to stop me spending money on things that are not absolutely right. I very much enjoyed the one on one experience and being helped and guided by someone who understood what I was trying to achieve.

I was out to lunch today and a lady at the next table came over and complimented me on how elegant I looked. Thank you Judith! “Beryl -Worcestershire

“Many thanks for a lovely day out shopping. It was just great to have you with me to guide and encourage me.” Beryl – Worcestershire

“I would thoroughly recommend Judith and the services she provides. I had a lovely relaxing and fun morning with her and found the whole experience fascinating and informative. I had had the feeling for some time that I wasn’t quite getting my choice of colours right, but I was quite surprised and pleased when her analysis showed me it wasn’t necessarily the colours I had wrong, but that I wasn’t always getting the tone right for my older complexion. Her analysis also showed me that a couple of colours I could wear when I was younger should probably be avoided now as they were making me look washed out. When I went through my wardrobe with the colour palette she produced I was amazed that by putting the whole palette across a garment, you could immediately tell if the tone was right. I think that by using the palette and the tips Judith gave me I shall be able to buy with more confidence and hopefully end up with a more co-ordinated wardrobe without making any costly mistakes. I have found the colour analysis so beneficial I’ve decided to have the style analysis too.” Claire – Evesham

Thank you a thousand times for the colour and style consultation, not only was it a fun, relaxing and girly day it was so informative and by the end of the session I felt confident to tackle my wardrobe and steer clear of any further faux pars in the shopping department! 
I had an 8ft rail of clothes, 2 holiday suitcases and a few bin liners full, and yet still had nothing to wear but the same old 8-9 items or so, and whilst I felt ok in some of my clothes I was often fidgeting , altering or breathing all night!
Ok so it was the day after my consultation – I was armed and dangerous with an empty bag about to be filled for charity and my ‘colour swatch’. I emptied my entire wardrobe, suitcases, bin liners and drawers all over the bed, I tackled the colours first if it wasn’t in my swatch then off to the charity bag it went !, next the style and fit, I could easily see a lot of my mistakes just by looking at the clothes but decided to try everything on so I could see in the mirror what you had explained to me – 5 hours later and apart from one expensive dress that is slightly against my style grain I was left with a wardrobe looking like it had been hit with a tornado!
Shopping is also so much quicker and easier as I am able to scan the shop looking for my colours and styles – it did take a while for me to get my eye in with the colours. I was determined to go shopping each weekend and gradually build my wardrobe up, I also kept a list of what I had in what colours so I could buy mix and match stuff to make a number of outfits. I am now even confident to add some funky accessories to my collection. 
Almost every day now people comment on my appearance, how the colour or cut suits me, oh and how slim I look – I haven’t even lost a single 1lb! 
Judith you have made such a difference to me, I can’t thank you enough. Sue – Birmingham

I wanted to drop you a line to say how much money you have saved me since my day with you for style counseling. 
The time spent with you was extremely enjoyable, the advice I received from you has been invaluable, I no longer look at items of clothing that are all wrong for me, the clothes I now choose suit me so much better I feel good, attractive and have saved money !!! 
Thank you so much for your expertise, a very satisfied customer! 
Liz – Cheltenham

” Having thoroughly enjoyed the mini colour consultation amongst friends, I have now been able to shop with confidence with the help of my swatch, and have been making ‘careful investments’ towards my wardrobe, feeling encouraged to purchase different colors to the norm. can honestly say- compliments have been coming my way about how a colour suits me in outfits I have bought since being guided by Judith. ”  Tina – Malvern

“Following my style of consultation with Judith I finally understood why I had so many clothes in my wardrobe but only wore a small proportion of them. I was looking forward to going shopping, but the first two trips out after my consultation I came back disappointed and empty handed. However, I had saved a fortune!

With my newly gained knowledge, I was able to critically look at clothes and know by the style, cut or design whether they would suit me or not. Gone are the days of impulse buying because of price, label, colour or just simply because I loved the outfit. Now I stop and think:

  • Will it suit my body shape and bring out the best in me ie follow the principles that Judith outlined for me?
  • What will I wear it with?

I am now starting to gather a collection of clothes that I feel comfortable in wearing, combine well and give me more confidence about how I think I look. By becoming a more knowledgeable and discerning shopper I have easily recouped the cost of the consultation and would recommend this to anyone whose wardrobes are groaning but they still have nothing to wear! ” Jean – Worcestershire 

“Thank you so much for the extremely interesting, informative and enjoyable session I spent with you on Tuesday, I have left this e-mail until today because yesterday I went shopping with my personal colours, amazing !! colours I would never have looked at stood out, the proof is I am wearing a blue jumper which looks really good and suits me very well, I bought this yesterday along with five other items of clothing which all look good, they follow the colours which came from my visit to you. I would never have gone to town and bought six items of clothing in one trip, I have been dithering for a long time about what would suit me and coming home empty handed and glum, yesterday I came home feeling on top of shopping, no awful mistakes and happy with everything, a really wonderful feeling,
The make-up lesson was really good and helpful, I applied all the advice you gave me before going on my adventure with my colours and felt more confident in myself knowing my make up was applied correctly and looked, if I do say so myself, quite professional, I knew I looked good, a wonderful boost which will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life. 
Thank you again Judith ”  
Liz – Cheltenham

” What a great morning I had with you today. I certainly learned a lot from my Style Analysis and you have steered me in the right direction now that I know my true body shape. Having an expert eye you see things from a different perspective which is just what I needed. I will now sort out my wardrobe with a critical eye and won’t need any excuse to give my wardrobe a complete update. You certainly made it a fun experience and one that I would recommend to my friends. ” 
Jo – Worcestershire

“Thank you very much for the advice on Friday, it was fun and will certainly make me think more about what I buy in the future – well in fact it helped with the retail therapy on the way home!”   Jane – Ross on Wye

“Having recently enjoyed the” Total Image Analysis “day I was very impressed with the professionalism shown by Judith. This experience has provided me with the knowledge and skills to determine the optimum clothing styles, colours and make up best suited to me and has given me added confidence in my purchasing decisions knowing that I will look and feel great. A personalized portfolio of the day ensures that I have this information to hand for every occasion. It was a great day and well worth it, many thanks Judith! ”   Debbie – Norfolk