Style Analysis Consultation

A style analysis consultation will help you discover your unique body shape and why styles you admire on others may not work so well on you.

Personalised style advice

Understanding your body shape, proportions and scale, together with your face shape is hugely valuable in helping you make more informed choices in terms of the most flattering cuts of clothing, fabrics, necklines and so much more.  We’ll enhance all your best features and disguise those imperfections that nag away at you to give you back your confidence.

It’s a great investment in yourself, providing you with lifelong skills to help you save time and money when shopping and build a workable wardrobe that fits your lifestyle.  Here’s what a recent client had to say following her consultation;

“By becoming a more knowledgeable and discerning shopper I have easily recouped the cost of the consultation and would recommend this to anyone whose wardrobes are groaning but they still have nothing to wear”

Price: 165.00

In-person consultation including personalised printed folder of information

Online Consultation (via Zoom) including personalised digital report

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