Style Personality Profiling

Understanding your unique style personality is an important piece of the image puzzle that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Quote from Coco Chanel

Your unique style personality will affect the way you wear colours, how you put your outfits together and how (or indeed, whether) you use accessories to complete your overall look. Once you understand what works for you, everything will start to click into place.

If you’ve ever admired the way someone dresses but when you try to replicate it for yourself, you feel uncomfortable and just don’t look the same – they are probably a completely different style personality to you (as well as a different body shape).

You will discover why you feel wonderful in some clothes, while others don’t make you feel so good, and what you can do to build a wardrobe of clothes that you can’t wait to wear.  

I have lots of tools and a wealth of experience to help you discover your own unique style personality, helping you dress in a way that expresses who you are and makes you feel great, for your lifestyle, right now.

Price: £45.00 as a standalone service. (Included in colour and style consultations)

You can also find out more about your own style personality via the Style Personality Quiz, available as a FREE resource in the online shop.