5 Golden Rules for sales shopping success

Another new year dawns – traditionally the time to make resolutions.  Lose weight, get fitter, be more organised.  Add a new one – buy only genuine bargains in the sales.
Lets be honest, how many of us have at some time bought clothing or shoes in the January sales absolutely convinced that they are bargains not to be missed, only to have them taking up much needed space in the
wardrobe for months, with the labels still attached?  Well I will certainly put my hand up to that one in the past.  A habit I have now thankfully broken.  I still love a bargain, but only if it’s going to work for its place in my wardrobe. 
So before you rush out to your nearest shopping centre to grab a bargain, take a note of the following tips.  Your purse and probably your partner will thank you for it.
Rule No: 1 – Only buy items that are the right shades and styles for you
I know it’s tempting to flex your credit card when you see something in a colour that is perfect for your complexion but isn’t quite the right style for you.  Or perhaps something that is the perfect cut to flatter your shape, but it’s only in your size in candy pink and you are a warm colour palette.  DON’T BUY IT!
You may try to convince yourself that you can have it altered to a more flattering shape, or dye it a more suitable colour, but be honest – will you really do that? 
Rule No: 2 – Check your wardrobe for ‘gaps’ and make a list of what you really need
Don’t be tempted to buy a pair of black trousers if you have another 5 or 6 pairs already in your wardrobe, however great a bargain they might be.  Have a look through your wardrobe and drawers and make a note of things you are short of.  Maybe what you really need is a new suit for work, or a pair of smart but casual trousers for weekends away.  Perhaps you really need to replace your favourite pair of flat boots.  Plan your trip and draw up a list – you will be less likely to get diverted.
Rule No: 3 – Think twice before sales shopping with your friends
This can be a recipe for disaster.  You are bound to be swept up in your friends’
enthusiasm for a great bargain.  How often have you bought the same thing as your friend (perhaps in a different colour), only to return it a day or so later?
During sale time this is likely to happen even more than usual.  If you have a friend who you truly trust to give you honest feedback when you try on an outfit, that’s great, but don’t feel you have to buy something that you aren’t 100% happy with, just because
your friend says you look great and just must have it!
Rule No: 4 – Do your homework
When you know that the sales are imminent it’s a good idea to spend some time before they start to try on anything that takes your eye and you feel pretty confident will be on the sale rack in a few days time.  Once the sales have started, arrive in town early and head straight for the stores that have the items you tried on.  You will stand a better chance of getting what you want in your size, and there’s no need to waste time queuing at the changing rooms as you already know it fits you.
Where shoes are concerned, get in EARLY, especially if you are an average shoe size.  Shoes always go quickly so you really can’t afford to hang around.  Also, if you haven’t tried on the shoes beforehand, it’s a good idea to start your trip with shoe shops, before your
feet get too hot and sore.
Rule 5 – Dispose of your earlier mistakes
Spend some time sorting out your wardrobe before you add new items.  Apart from specific outfits that you would only wear occasionally, such as evening wear, if you haven’t worn
something for the past 12 months, it should no longer take up space in your wardrobe.  Unworn and good quality items can be taken to a dress agency, where you will normally get 50% of the price they sell your clothing for.  Alternatively, you could consider getting your friends together and holding a clothes swap party.
Follow these golden rules and your sales shopping will be far more enjoyable and you will be guaranteed some REAL bargains.  Remember – it’s only a true bargain if you actually wear it!

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