7 Steps to making a great first impression

Choose clothes that fit you well and make you feel good:

Clothes that fit your body well will help to give you confidence and you will stand taller. 

Wear a smart jacket

Understanding your body shape, proportions and scale will help you with this.  Finding a brand that fits you well and sticking with it is a great tip, so you always know your first ‘port of call’ if you need a new item for your business wardrobe.  It’s also worth investing in a few good quality pieces that will last well, rather than buying cheaper clothing every few weeks – in the end you will spend more.

Determine how to reflect your brand and values in the way you dress

Consider what type of business you have and ensure you dress appropriately at all times, as well as when you meet prospects and clients.  Are you in a creative or a more professional business, such as accountancy or HR?  For example, jeans may be appropriate in some types of business but not acceptable in others.  How do you want to be seen by your audience?

Consider what message you are portraying with the colours you wear

This is where psychology of colour comes in.  All colours have meanings and it depends what you want to say, and what kind of environment you are in as to which colours to wear.  Red for example is a very powerful, dynamic colour but can also be considered as aggressive.  Green on the other hand can be calming and blue, professional and intelligent.

Complete your outfit with suitable accessories

Wearing a great outfit is all very well, but what can set it apart is the attention to detail by wearing suitable accessories.  It’s also a great way to express your style personality.  It could be a brooch, a necklace or scarf that fills the space in an open necked shirt or top, a pair of glasses that make a statement or a pair of shoes that work with, rather than against, the rest of your outfit.  Such details could be what you get remembered for, so make sure they are memorable for all the right reasons.

Practice positive body language

Make eye-contact

Right now you might not be meeting clients etc., face to face, so you won’t be shaking hands, but even so, to ensure you come across as confident and professional, there are a few simple things that can make all the difference, such as, maintaining eye contact when you’re talking to someone (even on a video call – make sure you look at the camera, rather than the screen), and don’t forget to smile.  Try to ensure you stand straight with your shoulders back and your head up, especially when entering a room or addressing a group of people – a much more confident look that slouching, with your head down.

Always be well groomed

Ensure that all elements of your outfit are well maintained, your clothes pressed and your shoes clean with no scuffs.  Having clean, well-groomed hair and nails is also important, as well as fresh breath (I always have some mints in my bag, just in case).  Make time to check your appearance in a full-length mirror before leaving the house.

Consider the dress code for each event and dress accordingly

Take care of your appearance

Dress codes within business have become more relaxed in recent years, but it’s still important to dress appropriately for the event you’re attending.  If you’re unsure of the appropriate dress code for an event, make some enquiries to find out what is expected – you don’t want to turn up to a conference full of sharp dressed executives wearing your jeans!

These are just a few simple, basic guidelines to making that great first impression to ensure you are remembered for all the right reasons.

If you are ready to step up in your business and make a bigger impact but feel you need some help putting together your perfect business capsule wardrobe, I’d love to help you.

Contact me to arrange an initial, complimentary chat, to help you get clarity on where your business wardrobe might need some attention and learn more about working with me.

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