Forever Fabulous – Spring/Summer Trends for the 50+ woman

There is always plenty of advice online and in magazines etc., about current trends and how to wear them, but often they are aimed at young women, and apart from a few exceptions, most brands still use young models with ultraslim figures, which more mature women just don’t identify with.

However, those of us in the 50+ age bracket no longer want to go for the ‘old lady’ styles are our mothers or grandmothers, but we also don’t want to look ridiculous.  My clients are usually looking for a mix of style, practicality, and comfort.

Here’s a round up of some of the big trends for spring/summer 2023, in terms of both colour and styling, and how to incorporate the ones that speak to you into your wardrobe.

There is plenty to inspire in terms of colour, from an array of sunset shades, bright colours, shimmering metallics, and the traditional pastel palettes so typical of this season.  There’s also a lot of ‘summer black’ for those of you who love your black, so there should be something for most colour palettes.  The only area not really covered in these trends is the softer, muted shades.  I’ve certainly found that myself, but that’s trends for you – they will come around again, but for this season, you might have to search a little harder. 

In terms of styling trends, if you’re a lover of pockets you’re going to be spoilt for choice this season with cargo pants making an appearance in so many of the catwalk and high street collections, plus pockets adorning skirts, jumpsuits, and tops.  These are great if you like a relaxed look but can also be smartened up with a classic jacket, for example.  Do remember that pockets will add bulk, so be careful of the placement – if they are in an area of your body you would prefer to disguise, they might be better avoided.

Continuing the casual comfort trends, you’ll find plenty of relaxed denim too, with some designers heralding the demise of skinnies, (though the high street doesn’t seem to agree just yet!).  You may feel that ‘double denim’ isn’t for you these days, but with so much choice, you shouldn’t find it hard to add a bit of denim to your wardrobe.  Should finances be a little stretched, or you simply prefer not to buy new, why not check out your local charity shops or dress agencies, or visit some of the online sites such as Ebay, Vinted, Vestiaire Collective or Thrift+ for a bit of vintage denim?  They could be the best places to find the most flattering styles for your body shape, while still giving a nod to the denim trend.

If you like to make a statement with your clothes, you might enjoy what some fashion commentators have named the ‘costume drama’ trends, with over-the-top embellishments such as 3D flowers, excessive ruffles, fringing, and feathers, along with puff sleeves, bubble hem skirts, and boudoir-style corsetry.  Or maybe you’ll find an asymmetric hemline and shoulder detail is enough of a statement for you.  These embellishments can help to balance your body shape, if you have narrower shoulders to hips or the other way around, for example – just make sure you are adding them to the right area of your body.

Whilst the warmth of the season sees the usual range of sleeveless tops and t-shirts, cropped trousers, shorts, and shorter skirts, the sheer trend continues enabling you to create a layered more covered look instead if you prefer.  A great way to do this is by investing in a few camis, either in neutral or skin tone shades or contrast colours to add more interest.  They’ll give you more coverage, and confidence, without compromising on style.

In terms of prints, florals make an appearance every spring and summer, and this year is no exception.  In addition, this year there is a trend for hearts, in print, knitwear, and embellishments.  As with all prints, be aware of the size of the pattern to make sure it doesn’t overpower you or get lost on you if you are a fuller figure.  Also, be aware of the placement of the pattern – does it highlight an area you would prefer to disguise or accentuate one of your best features?

Trends are, of course, not limited to clothing.  Accessories complete your look and help you to express your personality. 

This season, small bags that sit just under your arm are a big trend, in both neutrals and pops of colour.  Not great if you like to carry too much around with you, but perfect if you just need your phone, credit card, and lipstick.  If you have a larger bust, this trend might not flatter you, unless you hold the bag by its strap – wearing it over your shoulder will mean it sits at the level of your bust, drawing attention to that area.

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the much roomier beach bag style, so you can always feel like you’re off to the beach.

Footwear is definitely on a comfortable, practical level this season.  Ballet flats are making a comeback, from classic styles to pointed toes and slingback versions, as well as platform trainers and sandals, allowing you to add height without teetering around in heels – much kinder to your feet if you suffer from bunions.

With such an array of colours and styles to choose from this season, there really is something for everyone.  Whether you like the decadent theatricality of some of the bolder looks or the simplicity of some of the paired-back styles, you’re sure to find something to whet your appetite.  As always, don’t forget to shop your own wardrobe first – fashion is often cyclical, and you may well be able to style your own clothes in ways that give a nod to the Spring/Summer’23 trends.

Don’t hold back from trying something new, especially if you’re feeling a bit stuck in a rut.  If you try a trend and just feel you look ridiculous, have a laugh about it and return it to the rail, but by experimenting, you might just find a new style that reflects the woman you have become at this time in your life – if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

If you’re still unsure what suits you and you’d like me to demystify things for you and help you to create a style formula that works for you, I’d love to help.

There’s lots of ways you can get in touch – comment on this post, visit my website and follow the links to either book a free discovery call or message me via the contact me page, or follow me on social media. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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  1. Thank you Judith, I always love your hints and tips – and I’m so thrilled that we were able to work together recently on your Love my Wardrobe challenge! Have a very happy summer and let’s catch up again soon. x

    • Many thanks Charlotte. It’s always fun to work with you. You know where I am when you need some more help and do look out for a re-run of my wardrobe challenge in the autumn x


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