How to cure your aversion to shopping

So many women I speak to tell me that they hate shopping with a passion.

Delving deeper into this statement often uncovers the fact that the problem is actually more about not really knowing what suits them or will work with what they already own – they rush around, unsure what to buy and end up feeling overwhelmed and confused.

There are some simple principles that can cure this problem:

  • Understanding your signature style (your
    personal brand)
  • Having a good knowledge of your body shape, and
    your most flattering colours, cuts of clothing and fabrics
  • Having a list of gaps you need to fill in your wardrobe
    before you venture out

Here’s a classic example of scenario that could find you
preparing to reach for the credit cards:

You get an invitation to a family wedding or an important business
event (post Covid of course).  Your
immediate reaction is – ‘I have nothing to wear – I’ll have to go shopping’, closely
followed by a rising sense of panic. 

Before you consider heading out to the high street or
trawling the web for the perfect outfit, check your wardrobe first – you may
already own a suitable outfit, or something that just needs a new accessory or
a little tweek.  Many women have bulging
wardrobes, often full of unloved clothes, so it can be easy to forget what could
be a real gem, tucked at the back.

It may not be an important event that takes you out to the
high street or trawling the web – maybe you need to replace some well-worn favourites
that are now only good for gardening, but worry that you’ll never find a like-for-like
replacement and have no idea what would be a good alternative.

Having your own unique signature style, as well as
understanding the colours and styles that work for you, helps you build a
wardrobe that will always yield great outfits for any occasion, and it will
also help you to have a more positive shopping experience – you’ll know what
you’re looking for and how it will fit in and enhance your wardrobe.

Here’s what a client (who had confessed to hating shopping)
had to say about shopping with me once we had discovered her personal style,
colour palette and body shape:

“It was quite exciting to go shopping with you, and see
how you do it, so now I feel confident that I can do it myself”.

Since then she has proudly sent me emails about her shopping
successes – she has a completely different attitude and has lost that fear,
because she knows what works for her.

Your signature style

Your style changes over time, depending on your lifestyle, experiences,
profession and much more – it is continually evolving. 

You will have certain styles that you are naturally drawn
to, but you may not even realise it. 
Perhaps you always gravitate towards pretty prints, spots and stripes or
bold colours.  Take a look in your
wardrobe and pick out 2-3 items that you absolutely love to wear – do you see
similarities in these items?  What words
would you use to describe them?

You can take this further by putting together a Pinterest
board of ideas, go old school and cut out images from magazines and catalogues
and put together a mood board, or perhaps you like to journal about these
things.  Find a way that works for you
and have fun with it. 

If you’d like more help with this, I offer a Style
Personality Profiling service, with lots of tools to guide you.

Having a good knowledge of the colours and styles that
flatter you

Wearing colours that flatter you and harmonise with your
natural colouring makes your eyes sparkle and your skin brighter, taking away
any dark shadows from under your eyes or chin. 
Having a palette of shades to work with helps you bring together a
wardrobe of clothes that work together, as well as taking away the uncertainty
of what to choose when you shop.  You can
walk in, scan the store for flattering colours and then check whether those
particular items are a good cut and style for you.  No more aimlessly searching through every

So many women I speak to have no idea what their body shape
is, especially during and after the menopause, when your shape can change.  You may not be very happy with the way you
look and perhaps avoid looking in a full-length mirror, so you have no idea how
you really look and therefore how to dress your body.

Hiding under voluminous clothing does nothing for your
self-esteem and will only make you look larger than you actually are, as will
trying to squeeze into something that is 1 or 2 sizes too small, because you
are determined not to buy anything in a larger size.  By accepting and acknowledging your good and
not so good features, as well as understanding your proportions and body scale,
you can transform the way you look and feel about yourself. 

Shopping to fill the gaps in your wardrobe

By spending some time sorting out your wardrobe and removing
anything you don’t wear, you will end up with a wardrobe of clothes that you
love and wear regularly.  You can then
see where there might be gaps you need to fill, for example: a jacket that will
dress up any outfit, a few neutral or colourful camis – great for layering or
pulling an outfit together or perhaps a classic trench coat.  Make a list of items that you need to fill
the gaps, and keep it in your bag, ready for your next shopping trip.

Keeping in mind these principles when shopping gives you a
focus and avoids that aimless mooching that can leave you feeling drained and

If you need some professional advice, I’d be very happy to help.  Why not book a FREE discovery call so we can
put together a plan of action for you?  I
look forward to speaking to you very soon.

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