The Art of Layering

We have reached the autumn equinox, which basically means that summer is over (sad  face)!  Having said that, we often get some lovely days at this time of year, when there is still some warmth in the sun, so you may be reluctant to pack away your summer clothes just yet.  There are also many ladies out there who have their own personal central heating system that kicks in at all times of the day who would benefit from some flexibility in their outfit!

This is exactly the time of year when layering comes into it’s own, but doing it successfully may take a little thought.  You need to find a happy medium – it’s not quite cold enough for those thick sweaters, but you need more than a thin top. 

Layering can take you right through the winter and into spring.  The air trapped between the
layers helps to keep you toasty warm, and will do a better job than one really thick sweater on its own. 

Make sure you don’t add too many different colours though – ideally no more than 3.  If you have a patterned top or dress that is multi-coloured, pick out one of the colours as an accent to ensure your overall look is harmonious, otherwise it can look too busy.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can layer up, together with a few ideas of how this can look:

Layer 1 options:

  • A camisole in either a neutral or a favourite solid colour (depending on whether any of the camisole will be showing)
  • A t-shirt, again in a neutral, or a shade that will tone with the next layer.  This
    could be any sleeve length, depending on your preference and what you will be
    wearing over the top.

Layer 2 options:

  • A favourite summer top – ideal with a neutral camisole underneath to give you more body warmth. 
  • A classic blouse, perhaps your version of white (pure white, off white, ivory or cream for example), or alternatively a solid colour or patterned shirt (choose a suitable camisole underneath to tone or blend with the colour of the blouse/shirt). 
  • A strappy top or dress that will be suitable to team with a sleeved t-shirt (again, make sure you choose colours that work together for the first and second layer).

Layer 3 options: 

  • Jacket – could be casual, such as denim, a biker style in fabric or leather, or something smarter, such as a blazer.
  • Cardigan – there are lots of different styles here too – cropped, classic, boyfriend, edge-to-edge in different lengths and any number of fabrics from cotton to cashmere. 
  • Coat – a trench is a true classic, or something more casual, such as a parka.


  • Socks or invisible shoe liners (a little warmer than bare feet); tights (opaques are great when it gets really chilly)
  • Swap your sandals for loafers, trainers or ankle boots
  • A co-ordinating scarf to keep you warm as well as pull your outfit together
  • Hats.  They seem to be more popular again these days and they are great, not just for
    keeping your head warm, but also for expressing your personality.
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