Are your best clothes languishing in the back of the wardrobe?

Do you have gorgeous clothes in your wardrobe that you are
saving for best?  If so, how

often do you
actually wear them?  Let’s face it, our
time on this earth is limited, so the big question is WHY?

So many women I speak to or work with talk about clothes or
accessories that they love, but they stay in the wardrobe because they are too
good to wear for every day, which to me seems very sad.  I remember, as a child, having clothes for
best, which tended to be worn when we visited aged aunts or I was invited to a
party, but those were such different times. 

In some ways I am sad that many people don’t have ‘clothes
for best’, purely because I love to dress up and I’m quite upset when I see
people in jeans and t-shirts to the theatre or in restaurants.  For me, these of the times when I want to put
on something a little special, because it makes it more of an occasion and makes
me feel great!

So there is something of a conflict here – we keep our
special clothes for best, but have a much more relaxed dress code these days,
leaving me to wonder when those ‘best’ occasions are.

Thinking of my own wardrobe – I have a real mix of casual
and smart, which ranges from cheap, mid-priced and quite expensive labels, but
no matter how much I’ve spent of them, as long as I love them and feel great
when I put them on, I will wear them. 
The key is wearing the right clothes for the occasion, and how you’re
feeling on any particular day.  I will
choose my clothing based on what I’m going to be doing and whether I feel the
need for a boost in mood or confidence, or just want to show off a particular
side of my style personality – that could be dramatic, romantic or
classic.  Nothing in my wardrobe is kept
back to wear ‘for best’!

Now, I’m not suggesting that you wear your best trousers to
dig the garden, or your most expensive shoes to walk the dog across a muddy
field, but I am suggesting you wear those clothes rather than leave them in the
wardrobe, where no one can see them.

So, here’s my challenge to you – pick out something that you
have been saving for best and have only worn a couple of times (if at all) and
wear it this week.  Plan a night out with
the girls or supper in a nice pub or restaurant and WEAR IT.

Do post your comments – how it made you feel and the reactions
you got from your friends, family and loved ones.  I’d love to get your feedback.

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