I can’t wear red

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That’s what
I was told by my Mum when I was growing up. 
She was insistent that being a redhead meant that wearing the colour red
was an absolute no-no!  As a result I
have spent most of my life avoiding the colour, and not just wearing it – I
have avoided red in any form, including my car. 

Since having
a mini colour analysis about 15 years ago, I realised that red comes in many
shades.  I know, that sounds pretty crazy
– all colours come in different shades, I was just blind when it came to red.

My point is
that this is a common problem I come across when meeting a new client for a
colour analysis consultation.  There will
regularly be a colour that they don’t like, most often it’s green (my absolute
favourite) and when I question this dislike it can be something that has been
projected onto them by someone else (as in my case), it could have been a school
colour, or some other reason.

someone’s opinion on this long-held view can be difficult and although I will
gently try to introduce flattering shades into a colour consultation, I know
that my client will probably not come around to the idea, at least not straight

The fact is,
everyone can wear any colour, it’s simply a matter of discovering the
most flattering shades in terms of the depth, undertone and clarity of the
colour that will make you shine.  Once
you recognise and acknowledge those flattering shades, and start to receive
compliments from friends and relatives, your confidence starts to build.  With that new found confidence often comes an
interest in experimenting with colour combinations and that fear of red, green
or any other colour may well diminish.

In my case,
I now know that brick and terracotta red (the warmer end of the spectrum) look
absolutely gorgeous on me and I love wearing them!  Not only that, but the whole experience
opened a new door for me, so when redundancy came along, I knew that I wanted
to learn how to pass on that feeling of self-confidence in colour, as well as
style, to other women.

If you’re
ready to discover your own flattering shades and build your confidence and
self-esteem into the bargain just get in touch for a chat at judith@ulookgreat.net.

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