‘I’ll do it when I’ve lost weight’

Have you
ever found yourself saying this?  I’ve
heard it many times, especially when it

comes to having a style/bodyline
consultation, but women in particular say this about all sorts of things they
might be wanting or wishing to do.

The question
is, why do we put things off until we have reached what we perceive to be the
perfect weight or dress size? 

For some it
may be that they’re nervous of making a decision or doing something that is
outside their comfort zone.  I’m nervous
or scared of all sorts of things and I do have a tendency to put things off
until the very last minute, but when I’ve then gone ahead and done whatever it
is, I wonder what I was worried about! 
I’ve no doubt you’ve had that feeling at some point too?!  I’ve learn over the years that the phrase –
‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ is often the best approach.

But I
digress.  Why is it that women believe
they can’t achieve anything unless they have reached that magic number on the

From an
image point of view, and in particular from a styling perspective, weight and
dress size are just numbers – it really doesn’t matter.  Regardless of how much you weigh or what your
dress size is, your shape will be the same, at least until you reach the
menopause, when it’s common for your waist to thicken (among many other
symptoms).  Whether you are a size 6 or
26, if, for example, you have a defined waist and hips, you will always have
that, just on a different scale, and if you have no waist at all, that too will
always be the case.

advice is all about accepting what you perceive to be ‘faults’ and
understanding how to use illusion to minimise them, plus accentuating your good
points.  The biggest problem most of us
have is realising that we DO have good points – we are all our own worst
enemies when it comes to acknowledging this fact.

Add to this
your scale and proportions, as well as your personal style and lifestyle and
you can start to look beyond your weight or dress size and build a wardrobe
that works hard for you.  However, the
benefits go far beyond that – not only will the illusion techniques help you to
look slimmer but you’ll also save money through avoiding shopping disasters and
panic buys, save time when you shop, always have something great to wear (no
matter what the occasion) and probably best of all, your self-confidence will
increase dramatically.

So why wait
until you’ve been on that diet when you could be reaping the benefits of a style consultation right now,
and if you still feel the need to lose a few pounds, you’ll look amazing while
you’re doing it!

If you’d like to find out more about how to look and feel fabulous every day, get in touch and get ready to discover and brand new you!

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