Making a spectacle

Prescription glasses are a must for many of us, especially
as we become more mature in years.
been wearing glasses for many years now and as time goes by I rely on them more
and more.
  Obviously you have the option
of contact lenses if you don’t want the bother of carrying glasses around with
you, although the very thought of them gives me the collywobbles!

If glasses are a necessity for you, don’t forget, they are
also an accessory and another way for you to express your personality.
  Just think of Dame Edna Everage or Sue
Pollard for an extreme example – definitely dramatic in their
  There are also many other
considerations when choosing new specs, including your scale, natural colouring
and face shape.

Here’s a few basics to bear in mind:

If you prefer your glasses not to be a focal
point you may want to go for rimless ones that barely show at all – even if you
have a very strong prescription, lenses these days are generally very light
weight and are therefore often available in this style.

Unless you’re planning on making a real
statement with your eye wear, choosing a thin metal frame is another way to
ensure they aren’t too obtrusive – try on both gold and silver tones to
determine which looks better on you.
colour consultant can advise you on this if you need more guidance.

If you love colour and want to carry that
through to your glasses, choose a colour that will flatter you and one that you
wear a lot, ensuring you can co-ordinate them with your favourite outfits.
  Many opticians offer a ‘buy one get one free’
deal, so you could choose 2 colours, to work with more of your wardrobe.

Be aware of the scale of your face and
  Are you quite petite, with
small facial features, or larger in stature?
Choosing glasses that neither overpower your face, nor look too small,
will be most appropriate (you don’t want to look like Deidre Barlow in her big
specs days!)

The position of the bridge of your glasses is
important, especially when it comes to the shape and size of your nose.
  High bridges will lengthen your nose while
low bridges will shorten it.
  Broad noses
need a high, narrow bridge to slim them down.

When it comes to the shape of your face, as well
as your hair style, this should determine whether you opt for angular or more
rounded styles.
  It’s far more flattering
to complement and enhance your features, rather than contradict or exaggerate
  Therefore, if you have an
obviously angular face shape, or hair style, choose angular shaped frames.
  If you have softer features and/or hairstyle,
choose more contoured frames.

Finally, make sure the frames balance the
natural line of the eyebrows and ensure the frames don’t rest on your cheeks.

I could go into a lot more detail with regards to face shape,
so if you’re looking for more personalised advice, do get in touch for a one to
one consultation.

Most importantly, don’t leave your glasses in their case –
wear them and enjoy being able to see clearly.
Squinting is much less attractive than wearing a smart pair of specs!

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