My underwear must haves!

I’m often spouting to my clients about the importance of the
right underwear, especially a well-fitting bra, but there are other items in my
underwear drawers that I just couldn’t live without, so I thought I’d share
them with you.

Firstly, at the risk of being controversial, I’ll admit that
I’m rarely wearing matching sets of underwear (shock – horror)!
  I’m more interested in comfort and
practicality, so pretty sets of brightly coloured lacy bras and pants don’t really
fit the bill for me.
  That’s not to say I
don’t think they look lovely, they just aren’t for me.

My days of wearing ‘cheese wire’ thongs are behind me
(excuse the pun) so I prefer pants with more coverage, although I still like to
avoid the dreaded VPL when wearing trousers, so I will always look for pants
that are seamless.
remains my chosen destination for everyday wear as they do offer a pretty good
range, at affordable prices.

Photo courtesy of Bravissimo
As for bra’s, my choice is generally a t-shirt style which
gives a smooth look, especially under jersey tops that can cling.
  A skin tone or nude colour is the most
practical as it doesn’t show under tops and shirts of any colour – a white bra under
a white top is OK, but a skin tone bra looks so much better.
  As for black under light coloured clothing –
don’t get me started!
  It’s not a very
attractive look and if you are in a situation where you want to be taken
seriously, it’s really not appropriate (rant over).

The one thing I’m always banging on about with my
clients is wearing the right size bra.
high percentage of women have never been professionally measured and are likely
to be wearing the wrong size.
  My advice
is always to find your nearest independent lingerie shop – the owners and staff
have been fully trained and are passionate about helping their customers get
the right fit.
  My local is Isabella
Rose Lingerie
in Pershore where Paula Canvin provides a fabulous service –
check her out if you’re local.


Not something I wear every day, although some women wouldn’t
go out without theirs, but if I’m wearing a clingy dress and need to smooth out
my lumps and bumps (of which there are quite a few), I have a couple of all in
one ‘bodies’ that allow me to still wear my own bra.
  I’ve tried all kinds of shapewear but these
work best for me.
  Those high waisted
shapewear pants always seem to roll down of the own accord on me!


I love a cami!  I wear
different versions pretty much all year round and there are 3 specific types
that serve me well for any occasion:

Basic cami – I tend to buy these from good old M&S,
again mostly in a nude tone, either cotton or a silkier fabric that won’t
  In cool weather they provide an
added layer of warmth against the body and in warmer weather they give a little
extra coverage under finer, sheer fabrics.

Longline ‘skinnytees’ – these are a particular brand I
discovered on QVC.
  They are one size and
come in a number of colours, usually in packs of two, with either spaghetti straps
or wider ones that cover your bra straps.
 They are great under tunics as they give just
enough support to minimise lumps and bumps and are in a fabric that won’t cling
to your clothes.
  I also wear them for Pilates,
on their own or under an additional top.
They are long enough to cover my bum (always a good idea for me) and having
found them, I wouldn’t be without them.

Colourful camis:  I
tend to buy these from Kettlewell Colours as they come in a huge array

Photo courtesy of Kettlewell Colours

shades and look great under wrap tops that can be a bit too low on their
own.  I have a number of different
colours to match or contrast with tops and dresses.
  I particularly love their lace
, which not only have a lace panel across the top (the bit that shows
in the V of a wrap top), but also at the bottom, so you can show that off too
if you want.
  They never lose their
colour or shape, they have adjustable straps and are very good quality.

So there you have it – my must have underwear.  I’ve added a couple of links to specific makes
but if you want to know more, just get in touch.

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