Pack like a Pro

With May just around the corner you are probably starting to think about that upcoming summer holiday.  With holidays comes
the dreaded question of what to pack and what to leave out.

I would be lying if I said that I have never been one of
those women who takes everything but the kitchen sink when I go away.  My husband can testify to my ‘just in case’
packing style over the years.  Thankfully,
since I changed my career from PA to Image Consultant, my packing habits have
changed for the better and I’ve learnt the simple formula of the capsule

If you are lucky enough to be heading to a port this
summer, about to set off on a cruise, you are probably only limited by how many
cases you can cram into your car or taxi. 
However, with the airlines’ habit of reducing the weight allowance for
hold baggage, as well as tight restrictions on hand luggage, we all need to
consider the capsule wardrobe concept. 
So where do you start?

Capsule wardrobes are all about careful colour choices and, it
goes without saying, suitability for your destination and type of holiday.  Start by picking 2-3 colours that all work
together, then add 1 or 2 neutrals (perhaps black and white if they are in your
colour palette).  Now put together the
following number of items, using this principle:

8 tops:  For
example, 1 jacket, 1 cardigan or shrug, plus 6 assorted tops, T-shirts and blouses.  Consider a knee-length dress which you can wear
alone or as a tunic with trousers or leggings

4 bottoms:  Perhaps
2 pairs of trousers, a pair of shorts and a skirt

Would you believe that from these 12 items, you can put
together up to 60 outfits?!

Add to this list a couple of pairs of shoes or sandals, a
pashmina (great on the plane if you get a little chilly), a number of
accessories such as belts, scarves, costume jewellery (best to leave your good
jewellery at home), a pair of uber-cool oversized shades, swimwear if necessary
and of course your underwear.

By keeping to just 3 colours, plus your neutrals, you can
mix and match all of these items and dress them up or down with your
accessories.  Use your pashmina as a
sarong, even wear your swimsuit (a one piece, unless you are really daring) as
a top, with a shrug or jacket and skirt or trousers.  There are so many possibilities.

Do remember that travelling light doesn’t have to mean that
you have to compromise on style, or indeed that certain something that defines
you as an individual – known as your wardrobe personality.  This can be expressed through the colours and
styles you choose, as well as in your accessories.

So, there you have it, a simple, effective plan for your
holiday wardrobe.  No more excess baggage
to pay for, and just think of the extra space you’ll have in your case for all
those bargains and souvenirs you want to bring home with you.  

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